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Scrub and Hydrate

Updated: Dec 24, 2020


I am about to reveal some of my beauty secrets! Looking 19 years old forever takes some work, which includes healthy eating, exercising, majorly hydrating, and using some incredible beauty products. Here are a few to start off...

[Sugar Lip Scrub: Hanalei]


I love matte lipstick, but it is always a challenge to clean off after the day is over. Hanalei brand is my choice of lip scrub to remove the hardest lipstick. Instructions include--rub on and wipe off, that's it! My lips feel soft and clean after use.

[Purity Made Simple Eye Gel: Philosophy]

Philosophy has a lot of great products, their Purity Made Simple Eye Gel included. I noticed the darkness under my eyes disappearing immediately after using. I was shocked at how quickly it improved my appearance. I rub just a little under my eyes each night. I highly recommend, especially if you are a night owl like me.


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