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Designing with Purpose: Danielle Menard



What if you could use your gift of creativity to help others learn to express themselves, make a social difference, and provide for themselves? That's what designer Danielle Menard does.


Danielle Menard, B.A. in Graphic Design, was first inspired to study graphic art from her encounters with art by other designers. She not only draws inspiration from other artists, but also from the world around her. In an interview she noted, "Everyone and everything inspires me. For example, someone could see a rose on the ground and not think twice, but I would see a beautiful photo to be taken."


Studying art has led Danielle to work on sold out concert merchandise designs for well known artists like U.K. musician Daley. She utilizes those same skills as a full time art teacher at a local middle school and as head of a non-profit organization geared towards helping minority youth.

Duck in oil pastels by Danielle Menard DM Production
Duck (Oil Pastels) by Danielle Menard

When I asked Danielle about her non-profit company, DM Production, and what its purpose is, she made the following statement: My non-profit is about helping minority youth through teaching graphic art and photography so the youth can have knowledge and ability to become leaders and work in media activism to combat intersectionality. These skills will also help them acquire professional opportunities such as writers, graphic designers, coders (web developers), photographers, and journalists.

Photography by DM Production Danielle Menard
Photography by DM Production

When I asked Danielle what she would say to other aspiring black women who want to start a business, she simply said, "I say go for it and work hard!!"

To find out more about DM| Production, go to DM Production website.

Looking for companies owned by other amazing black women, check out Naturalskies' Black Girl Magic page.


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