The Hustle is Glamorous: Cara German-Holton

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Cara German-Holton is a passionate designer with a heart for the hustle. She runs a residential interior design consulting business called Southern Comforts Interiors which provides services for whole house design with a primary focus on kitchen and bath. Whether you are updating your home, a new home buyer or builder, or an investor flipping an investment property, Southern Comforts Interiors can assist you.

Cara's passion for interior design started from participating in a mentorship program in 8th grade at a magnet school. She stated, "At the start of the program, I wasn't sure whom I should shadow, but I knew I wanted someone in the arts. My teacher suggested shadowing a local interior designer, Sissy Bradham. Once a month for a school year, I spent the day learning what an interior designer does. I was fascinated that she was able to be artistic and calculated, and she was able to work solo and with others. What excited me the most was she brought beauty and function into her clients' everyday lives. Ever since, I knew that was what I wanted to do."

Cara enjoys owning a business because of the flexibility of deciding how, when, and where she works. She also loves connecting with homeowners at a pinnacle time in their lives. She commented, "My clients often seek me out because they recently purchased a new home or they are expecting a new addition to their family. Sometimes it's because of an unfortunate event and updating their home is the next chapter. Helping them beautify while creating functionality in their home is something I love to do. "

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When asked what she would advise to other black women considering starting a business, she answered, "You don't have to be perfect to get started—nothing is perfect. Bottom line, just get started. According to Forbes, black women are the fastest growing demographic when it comes to entrepreneurship. Black women represent 42% of new women-owned business, which is three times our share of the population. I think this is the case because we are resilient, educated and hardworking. It has been proven that black women are often overlooked in the corporate world and are limited in how high they can climb the corporate ladder in title and earnings. Owning a business allows black women to lead, set their own narrative, have a second stream of income, and have lucrative careers while being wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Some business owning tips are:

  1. Have a plan so that no matter what stage of business owning you are in, your expenses are covered. Build it before dedicating full time—make sure you are covered financially.

  2. Start your business early before a life partner or kids become a part of your everyday life. Hustle while you can, because it gets harder to split your time when more responsibilities get added on. It's not impossible, it's just harder. I am a newlywed and a fulltime stepmother of one, so I know from experience. "

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To find out more about Southern Comforts Interiors, go to

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